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I just want to let you know if you are a foreigner applying for the new residency permit or renew one,
you will have to go to your nearest Judicial Court ; " Criminal Record for your Wife  or husband,etc"
and only THAN  you will be able to apply in the police station. for the permit!!! This is not mentioned on the online application form.
The waiting list is a mile long  so you will have to wait for 7 to 8 months, in the mean time keep your application record on hand just in case you have to prove you are not "illegal".
Can not leave the country or return or, maybe you will be fined either on leaving or on the return---could not get an answer for this from the authorities so far.

Husband got his working permit and residency within a week, for two years Even though I am his wife living here in the last four years I will have to wait until January for the court appointment and the 8 February to go to the police station for my residency but mine will be only for one year and I will have to do it every year from now on.

These are the new rules and regulations so if we want to live here we will have to follow it to the letter !!

Thanks for sharing the information. Any type of SHORT TERM RESIDENCE PERMIT does not require this document.

Fellow friends please take note that this common document will only apply for

1) LONG TERM RESIDENCE PERMIT. A Long Term Residence Permit for the Foreigners Having At Least 8 Years Uninterrupted Residence Permit.

Criminal records can be obtained from foreigner's country authorities and Turkish judicial authorities. (Criminal records to be obtained from Turkish authorities are considered as sufficient for the foreigners who submit a document which states that criminal records in foreigner's country can not be issued because foreigner did not enter or leave his/her own country)

(It would be better for you if you apply for this document at least 3 months before your application against the possibility of long waiting times to obtain this document)


Criminal records [This document can be obtained from foreigner's country authorities (It would be better for you if you apply for this document at least 3 months before your application against the possibility of long waiting times to obtain this document) or from Turkish judicial authorities if foreigners is staying in our country for last five years.

If obtained from Turkish authorities they must be e-signed/signed and stamped/sealed, if obtained from abroad, they must be Apostilled and have notary public approved Turkish translation. If the applicant is a citizen of a state that is not a signatory to Apostille Convention, said document must be approved by the relevant state's authorities (consulate approval and by Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Competent Turkish Authorities authorized therefor)]


I think you must be in Istanbul, the waiting list is very long there. In other parts of Turkey people are able to get an appointment within 30 days, and I have heard of people getting their residence permit in the mail in just a couple of weeks.

Yes we are in Istanbul. It is very distressing . I hope next time we can apply earlier and I will do it myself and not wait for the HR people to get to it!!!!
Live and learn.

Hi Ivan Teklu
Can you explain plz how have heard that peolpe getting their residence permit in just a couple of weeks.
Thank you for your answer.

I have friends in Kaş who told me they have gotten theirs in a couple of weeks. One actually got his in LESS than a week, which must be a national record. They have a branch office of the migration management office there, and this is also Antalya, so that might be the difference. I also have friends in Istanbul that have told me it is taking months to get an appointment, and that there is a big backlog there for residence permits. So the time you get your residence permit back in the mail can vary a lot depending on where you are and how big their backlog is.

Thank you for the informations & your time :)

The situation I find myself in is: my current permit expires end of August 2016 and my earliest date for an appointment is February 2017! And I know of others in the same situation. They must fix this problem

I agree. I hope they will fix this soon. But don't worry, if you have applied for an appointment online, you should have downloaded and saved your application for a residence permit. With that, you can stay legally in Turkey until you get your residence permit.

Okay, but what if residence permit is not approved and the person has to leave? In this case, he has to pay penality ?
Ikamet for a registrated Business is given automatically ?


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