Looking to learn Vietnamese

Coming to Vietnam in November 2016 for few month , want to learn Vietnamese , do you have any thoughts ???
Thanks Michael

I am Vietnamese tutor can offer you private lessons. Only in 2 months you can fluently have simple conversations with Vietnamese.

Hi Welcome to Vietnam and enjoy Can you reach at skype email: xxx .I'm vietnamese woman

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There are 15 free lesson at Everydayviet … AEB83C3295

Donna, the attractive presenter, speaks with a clear, southern accent. These lessons will get you off to a good start.

Hi Micheal,
I'm Vietnamese and now in Hanoi.
Ready to teach English for you.

Hello everyone,

Please note that if you are either looking for a language class or proposing one, you should refer to the dedicated section of the website by dropping an advert : Language classes in Hanoi. Interested members will then contact you.

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If you need a teacher who can teach you Vietnamese, it's also one of my hobbies after office time. I will do that for free, i can teach vietnamese in English and Chinese at the same time,besides i also want to exchange languages with everyone,please contact me if you really need someone helping u with vietnamese learning.
Hope to make friend with you and help you as much as possible.
P/s: inbox me or add wechat: xxx
I look forward to hearing from you

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Hello everyone,

Please refer to one of these sections of the classifieds if you want to learn Vietnamese/propose your help or looking for language exchange.

- Language classes in Hanoi

- Language exchange in Hanoi

Thank you in advance,

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