How to Plan a move to japan?

Hey guys, i'm a 26 yr old filipino currently living in Uganda East Africa. Been having this urge to move to japan like forever though don't really know where to start hahahaha.
A little bit about myself, i'm a freelancer, photography, video editor, 3d animation, graphic designer.. Somewhat a jack of all trades.
English level: i consider english as my native language instead of filipino beacause i've been speaking english ever since i was a little kid, just currently staryed speaking filipino like 5 yrs ago.

Hope i can get some tips from you guys on how i should get started, wouldnt want to just randomly pop up in japan and get lost :)


Hello johnbaguio :cheers:

You may want to start by reading articles from our Living in Japan expat guide to gather some infos to start preparing your expatriation project.


Glad you really want to live in Japan. It's a truly magical place.

I've always thought it better to find a job before moving to Japan. But as you seem to be able to do much in the way of advertising on the technical aspects then who knows. But most of the foreigners that I know in Japan found jobs before arriving in Japan or were offered jobs through Agencies.

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