in search of certified translation service

I'm searching for a certified translation service to assist with my paper work for submission to the Dominican consulate in New York. Does anyone know anyone? thanks guys

I recommend rcedano[at]

Thanks will look into.much appreciated

Hi everyone,

@ Isavinon, thank you for sharing  :) If you could please recommend your contact in the Translators and interpreters in Dominican Republic section of the business directory, it will be very much appreciated.

Members who might not have read or seen this thread will be able to contact the professional.

Thanks in advance,

This needs to be done by certified translators listed on the consulate website - look on the site closest to where you live.

The one recommended is great for work needed here!

As usual thanks ffor the info

Happy to help!!!

I can highly recommend A1 Dominican Services. Raulina Manzano. She is very professional and very prompt in turning your documents around. You can email your documents and she will have them done for you in one or two days, at least that has been my experience. Her email is: a1dominicanservices[at] She will send you a quote.

Thank you!

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