How does car insurance work in Morocco?

Hi All,

Wondering if someone can give me some advice?

I was getting a lift the the airport from a Moroccan friend when they were hit from behind by another car.

They are advising that in order to get their car fixed, they must first pay for the repair themselves and then wait 3-4 months for their money back, but this will be less 5% for every year since the car was manufactured.  So its 5 years old, they will get 75% of the money back?

This seem outrageous to me, that they have to pay almost 24,000DH and then only get 75% back.

As they were dropping me, i feel partly responsible.

Is this really how it works? or am i being taken advantage of?

Both parties were insured by SAHAM insurance and exchanged details etc.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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