Teaching in Malta

Hi everybody!

First of all let me just say what a great forum this is. I have come across so many great posts that really helped with some of the questions I have (they are many!).

I am looking to relocate to Malta with my other half over the next few months. We only just started our research and there is a lot to do beforehand, so it will take a while. However I am trying to get ahead and organise myself to make the process easier and pain free (or at least try!).

I'll be asking a lot of questions so thank you in advance for reading and answering to the best of your knowledge.

I am a fully qualified PE teacher (specialist and secondary qualified) with over 8 years experience. I hold QTS and I am currently in charge of PE in a primary school. I would like to know if there are any teachers here that could give me some tips on where/how to apply for jobs in Malta? I read something about a teacher's warrant, do I need this to teach there? Is it possible to apply for jobs being in the UK?

Also I am going to get a CELTA qualification so I can also teach EFL as I have realised the market for this is quite big in Malta and this could get me some extra money right?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Joana x

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