Teaching in Qafqaz University in Azerbaijan. Is 1000$ enough?

Hi. I will be going to Azerbaijan to teach in Qafqaz University in the elementary level.

I just want to ask if 1000usd enough to cater my needs while living there and still save to send to my family in the Philippines?

Accommodation is free but other bills will be shared by us who live in a flat or apartment.

Anyone who can at least give me an idea on the cost of living there in Azerbaijan.

Please. Thank you.

Hello, It is a decent salary. I think that will do. But the university that you wanna work is closed down. So make sure that there  is nothing wrong.

Hello animor :cheers:

To have an idea of the cost of living, you may want to browse through threads talking about such in our following forum section:

> Cost of living in Azerbaijan


Thank you for replying.

I also read about it but it says there that it is under new management by Baku Higher Oil School. Is it true?please let me know. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Yes , exactly. It's true.

RufatAli :

Yes , exactly. It's true.

So it means that the qafqaz is still operating?

Yes but I think temporary. For a couple of years.

Hi Animor. If appartment free for you actually it is enough 200$ for you per month.

Thank you.

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