Living in Siem reap

I've lived in Phnom Penh a few months , and plan on staying untill November 1 , as I will be going back to USA to vote and spend holidays with my family , when I return thinking about 4-5 months I'm Siem reap, wondering if I will be bored ,

I now live near riverside and old market , it's so nice , busy I love it , but thinking I should try another town, any thoughts on Siem reap as a place for expats , I love pp, I'm not much of a drinker , ( although I don't have a moral objection to drinking ) .and I've been divorced over a year and would like to find a nice woman to date , woman being the important word here,,

I have thirty year old daughters , I'm almost 60! Although I see many men my age with 20-35 year old ( babies)  to me , so pub street and hostess bars are not my thing , wouldn't mind finding nice 40+ year old lady to go to dinner etc , but don't seem to have found one ha , although I'm not really looking ,

just wondering if there are legit organizations , for vollenteering , I have owned hotels , and still do in USA , but have heard horror stories about charities , and not really helping , but contributing to the problem, so if you have any  ideas on Siem reap, any thoughts on living there ?

I'm retired almost 60' years old , but good shape and could work helping out , I was hoping anyway , I live  alone , and it seems there are lots of living opportunitys , but do not want to be bored , I've gotten such great advice on this site and hoping for insight on difference between Siem reap, and Phnom Penh ,

I do like the busy  atmosphere of pp, any insights would be so appreciated!! But can't imagine leaving Cambodia more than a few months at a time love the Khmer people , and would really like to help , yes it takes a village , just a insight to my coming vote in USA ha ,

thank you ,

I much prefer SR to PP, the latter is way too busy for me.

Plenty of NGO's around but choose wisely, not all are legit or do anything to help.

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