Revert Muslimah - Islamic Classes near Al Ahsa

Assalamu alaikum sisters and brothers

I will be travelling to Al Ahsa to start my new teaching role in August.  I am a practicing revert Muslimah, can anyone tell me of any Islamic classes available in or near Al Ahsa?

I will be going to Madinah as often as I can, but I need to be studying with a class of sisters to increase my Deen and Iman.  JazakAllah, for your help. Wa alaikum assalam, Waasifah x

Hello mouse1964 :cheers:

I invite you to drop an advert in the Classes in Riyadh section of our Riyadh Classifieds so as to increase your chances of being contacted by anyone who can have information about query.

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A Alakoum--Welcome to Islam
Madinah Islamic University
An opportunity to study from prestigious scholars of University of Madinah online.. GET REGISTERED and make full use of it. An excellent opportunity for sisters
You may visit following links for detail.. … =HAQFlv9i6

Wa alaikum assalam, JazakAllah for your help regarding my query. I will certainly act upon your advice.

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