How can I get work in Bahrain

My name is Matt I'm 30 , and I'm from England
I am a qualified gas engineer and I have a plumbing company and a renovations company I am both hands on and a project manager for both companies .
I am looking the possibility of working in Bahrain and wondered if anyone can help me with any advice or job opportunitys ?
I have a Cv ready but really don't know where to start ?
Any help would be grateful



First of all you can visit expat-blog classifieds section

Apart from that you could visit the various job portals like Monstergulf, bayt, naukri, gulfconnexions and register with them or go through the daily news paper classifieds section ( /,

Good luck!


Thanks , I will have s look at those job sites .

"" is another one you could try

Cheers , will give that ago as well

if you know the right person in the right place, you wont even have to look anywhere, so get to know people and build a network :)

Hi , yes this is what I have been told so would be grateful for any contacts from anyone .


Hello, I would like to ask if what hospital in bahrain offer a good salary, I' m planning to transfer in bahrain. I' m currently working as staffnurse here in saudi arabia. What is better to work in bahrain or i will settled here in saudi? Pls answer my questions

I guess hospitals in Saudi pay better renumerations than Bahrain.

One word. Pub !

The construction industry in Bahrain is very very slow at the moment, We do not have mains gas here and the plumbing is quite different to the UK. I would rethink about Bahrain and look more to Asisa.

Good Luck

Hi Nigel

I am starting to realise this as I don't seem to be getting anywhere , thank you for the advice .


No Problem, to be honest i would give the middle east a misS has  their are a lot of issues that people do not understand when they move to the middle east.
I have been in the middle east 33 years and yes 15 years ago it was very good but now it is very slow .
Project managers that dont have experience within the middle east will fine it very very hard, also here in Bahrain you have to have degrees and be registered with CEOPP.
I would have to look  asisa , Hong kong, china,

Hi! Im from philippines.. Im 21 years of age and planning to work abroad . How can i get a job in bahrain .. Please send me some details since im a newbie here in expat.thank you so much ..

Kindly read the entire post, which should give you details regarding what you have asked for.

Good luck


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