Anyone taking IELTS exam?

Hi guys! I have been thinking of taking IELTS exam so i am interested to meet some fellow examinees to practice speaking and listening or even do reading and writing practice exam. I am trying to push myself to the limit because i looking forward to get  a higher score for immigration purposes. So if there is anyone who are interested, kindy drop a message to my inbox.

Thank you! 😃

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osamaosa :

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Could you also share an answer to the related question here please ?

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Hi, i had been test this exam.

Hi, I have a friend who is running an IELTS school in Baguio City,Philippines. Please contact her to this address below:
Ms. Lota Florentino
Lota Florentino <xxxx>

Hi everyone,

@ Miguel De Mayumo, since we are on the Riyadh forum, the OP must be looking for members in Riyadh or in the surroundings.

In that case, you may recommend your contact in the Education in the Philippines section of the business directory, it will be more convenient.

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So how did you perform then? :)

There are a lot of online practice exams for IELTS. You can just search through google.

Hey Seeker Of Truth,

I took the exam around 6 month ago if you would like to ask anyting in particular, also I took it for immigration purposes.

If you are also interested I took it with an online teacher (private) who is really good; I got an average of 8.0.

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