drive with lights on

Hi there Expats
My wife was stopped by the police yesterday, while driving the car, and was told by the police men, that every one driving,  must do so with the light on,
dose any one know about the law, that's just come in

The United States Embassy in Brasilia informs U.S. citizens that as of July 8, 2016, a new law requires all drivers in Brazil to drive with low beam headlights illuminated during the day. 

Key points of the new law are:

1.    All drivers in Brazil must keep low beam headlights turned on during the day while driving, effective July 8, 2016.

2.    Daytime running lights (DRL) are a low-cost method to reduce crashes.  DRL are effective in preventing daytime head-on and front-corner collisions by increasing vehicle visibility and making it easier for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists to detect approaching vehicles from farther away.

3.    Failure to comply with the law can result in a traffic fine of R$ 85.13.

4.    Fog lights cannot be used instead of low beam headlights.

Recently-manufactured vehicles may have automatic DRL, but if yours does not, remember to turn your daytime running lights on when you get in your vehicle, and turn them off when you turn off the engine to avoid draining the battery.

The embassy e-mailed this out last week.

I always have them on even before the law. I never turn them off. Most cars now turn cut all of the power when you turn off the key.

ok thanks,
its funny how they want the lights on, but don't care,
if your tyres have tread,
your brakes work,
the exhaust has not blown,
the wipers have blades in them,
your hand brake works,
and the car is not rotter,
and no front bumper and number plate
like my car

Exactly Pete! Anything goes here but it better have headlights!

I think the headlights on is a good thing. i only wish that it applied everywhere and not just federal highways.

there is so meany more important things that can kill with a defective car, that should be dealt with,
then just the light being on

Sounds like Chicago, where I live.

Here the police will give you a ticket for not having your seat belt buckled, but the Chicago police have openly admitted to a newspaper reporter that they do not ticket some on for driving while on their cell phone, while texting, etc.

Both (seat belt and cell phones while driving) are against the law.

However, if I don't attach my seat belt, I am endangering myself, but if I am distracted on my cell phone, I am endangering others.

Doesn't make a lot of sense.

You are endangering others by not fastening your belt too.  A sudden braking may cause you to be moved to one side or forward causing you to lose control of your vehicle.

"sudden braking", if you have good tyres, brakes,
I frind of mine bought a with ABS, and that car really toped well, the only problem, No other car had ABS, and every time he stopped other cares would crash into it

Don't know, but we should drive with our lights on all the time. You want to get every possible advantage possible when you drive in Brazil.

The LED lights around the fog lights can be used instead?

wont that look a bit like pair of Christmas tree lights driving down the road LOL

Exactly like xmas LOL, what can I say?, the car came with those....  even in summer, even in rio where winter doesn't exists at all

these Brazilians love the flashing lights, even the police have the flashing lights on all the time whats that, is it to let the criminals know "we" might be coming,

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