English-only speaker looking for work in east Slovakia (PO, KE, SNV)

Hi All!
I have recently moved to Slovakia (east- Spisska Nova Ves) with my Slovakian wife and our baby boy. Finding a job is proving a bit more difficult as I don't speak much language yet. How are you getting on? Any advice? All help much appreciated!


I've been living in ilina for just over 2 years. My advice is try to find out if there is any American British companies that you can target. Lucky for me I found a British manufacturer and they needed someone with my skills. Just keep pushing on but target American English companies. Another one to target are German companies preferrably suppliers for equipment to manufacturing

Hi there and welcome.
If you wish, you can try T-Systems in KE and AT&T.
I am not sure if KE suits you and how far you can get on every day basis.

Great source is:

Thanks ... Is Slovakian language an essential as i am learning but will take time ! Its not easy !

absolutely not required - otherwise I would out of business :-)

Thats good to know ! Guess i just need to start looking online for job roles...

Hi all!
Well I'm pleased to say that I got a job in KE T-systems, if you are at all clued up on a basic computer use you've got a chance as they are desperate for communicative english speakers.

Welcome aboard!  ;-)

Thank u!
R u in T-sys as well?

Yep, Tesla building..! And u? CBCI OR II?

How did you apply for work there, i have great computer skills.... Is there a website or email for them > ?

Ha! Sorry I've only found your msg :) Moldavska building. How long have u been there? I'm not much of an IT person so it's a bit hard for me but I guess the beginnings are always tricky. Do you live in Kosice? We are looking to move there as the trains are always late and I fear it's only gonna get worse with all the snow :(

Hi All

New to all this and looking to make contact with expats in Slovakia.

My wife is Slovak and we have a house in Terany - Central Slovak wine region (Stredoslovenská). We will be moving there permanently in the spring 2017.

I have an issue which I'm trying to get to the bottom of - Can any one give me the lowdown on using and importing my right hand drive  XKR Jaguar.

Look forward to your replies

hi im a 39 male from colombia and i wanted to come back to t systems in kosice , i live in trebisov now and soon will have own car , i moved from england and looking to work in  it . i speak spanish and english , maybe if you know about a vacancy i will really appreciated , my last job was as a customer services advisor for an avionics company .
anyway i will be happy to meet with expats and make new  friends
best regards

Hi Maty,
I am in Moldavska building as well :-)

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