Looking for jobs working with foreigners in Shanghai

Hello, I am Carol from Hong Kong and currently live in Shenzhen.  I was working in the HK Government and editorial field for 4.5 years.  In April 2016, I relocated to Shenzhen as an English and Cantonese tutor.  However, I suffered from bronchitis recently and my doctor advised me to change job.  So, I look for foreign company jobs in big cities of China.

I was major in Japanese Studies in the university and joined Germany Working Holiday from 2013-2014.  I can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Japanese and German.  So, I would like to find the jobs working with foreigners.

Thank you so much!


Hi Carol,

I suggest you drop a free advert in the Jobs in Shanghai section of the website along with your cv so that you might get an opportunity.

You may as well read the relevant articles in the Work in China section of the Expat Guide and follow the useful links at the bottom of each article.

All the best,

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