Hello Planer, I been in touch with you about 2 years ago, now my husband and I planning to retire
september 2017, and we would like to know what we have to do step by step

I have answered  your other post.  Have you been here before?  What specific help are you looking for?

Bob K

What type of residency do we need?

Read the thread on residency.  You want to work toward  a permanent residency but need to start with a temporary one.  There are a few good lawyers to help you along.  I have one we as well as our friends and clients used who is terrific and very reasonably priced.  Planner has another in Santo Domingo.

There are lots of lawyers around who will take lots of your $$$$ and never deliver so be careful

Bob K

Ok and thank you :)

you are welcome

Bob K

Angie,  read the thread about residencia, you may qualify as a "retirement" or "pensioner"  application. IF you will have about US 2000 a month between the 2 of you, then you qualify!  Yayyyy.  BUT you need to do the first steps regardless!   

And I strongly suggest you come visit for  5 or 6 months,  just stay  and see if you like it, then go home and start the process of residencia.  No sense doing all that and then finding out this place is not for you!

Dear Planner is a pleasure to be in touch w you again, what happen in the case that we dont have the 2,000 in the begining, but we have the whole amount of our house in the bank, plus 1,000 a month from my husband, he is going to be 62 next september, but I am only 59, do we qualified?, Planner I know that all what you say is for th best of the expat, but it is imposible to live here on our retirements, and we dont want to wait until 66, maybe we will be dead and continuing paying bills :D , I want to learn bachata before I died :))))))

Did you suffer a lot as an expat????, I dont like to live here

Investing in the country helps you qualify! I understand wanting to get out! And I know who can teach you both bachatta!!!!

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