Conocer nativos italianos que busquen trabajo en Madrid

Hello. We arranged to rent a house in Cabrera with the intention of staying for an extended period of time (6-12 months). When we arrived the house had neither a refrigerator or a stove and had no power. The next day we found in order to have power we were expected to pay about a thousand dollars for an invertor and battery back up installation. The American real estate agent who made the arrangement for the house said this was typical in DR that folks bought these appliances and took them with when they moved out. The thing is the previous tenant was the real estate agent's own daughter and she was moving back to the US and I doubt that was shipping these appliances back to the US. At any rate, the few friends that we know there said that having to buy major appliances for rentals is not typical. It certainly isn't typical for North Americans to buy major appliances and certainly not to have to install battery back up units either. We left Cabrera and we are out a lot of money. The agent says that she is going to see if she can get our deposit back from the owner of the house. It is not the owner that I am holding responsible but the American agent that we dealt with. Dominicans are a lovely people and Cabrera is an excellent little town. I wish it could have turned out differently. Watch out for Michelle Mathews

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