prescription costs

I see that the cost of a number of prescription medicines has been reduced.
Is there a list of the cost of all prescription medications? Have been looking online but can't find this information.
Thanks Michelle

Try this link...

https://0d2d5d19eb0c0d8cc8c6-a655c0f6dc … 412cb4.pdf


Thanks for sharing Terry! I was actually prescribed one of the items on the list today and luckily checked before picking it up at the pharmacy :D

Problem was that they had no clue and sold it to me for the original price. I showed them this list but, again, they were not aware and said that they had just bought the medicine a few hours earlier for the same price! They promised to check it and get back to me tomorrow though, so I'll probably get a refund.

This is the related newspaper article from 30/05/2016: … cut.613802

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