Finding a private investigator in VN

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How does one go about finding a good private investigator in hcm?

Also if a married man is paying a bargirl/ known whore a monthly wage for company and moved her into an apartment that is registered to both he and his wife's name , can she have him legally arrested ?

Thanks for any information on this matter


Arrested for what.

Arrested for having a whore live in an apartment that she has not been legally registered in. This is a high  caliber apartment that cost $2500 a month which is being paid for by his company.

Well all he has to do is have her registered at the ward police and it's all fine. As long as she is on the house book it doesn't matter what her job is.

I think the problem is it needs to all go through formally the company he works for, which he knows they won't approve. There is also drug ( cocaine use going on) . Isn't it illegal for a local viet girl who is not married to the expat to be living with him?

Many expats live with their gf's as long as the girl is registered then the police are happy. Maybe if you're seeking revenge it would be best to move away from that area and start again. I presume you are living around District 1-2, so maybe move right over to another area of Saigon.

Any suggestions of private investigator for another matter ?

Nothing worst than a women scorned!!!!

Tastebuds :

Any suggestions of private investigator for another matter ?

Tastebuds - I don't think a private dick will help all that much. (a) you seem to already know all the goings-on, (b) there is a high probability that the local private dick, not to mention the local police, will get sweet-talked by the local GF to accept HER story rather than anyone else's, (c) don't waste your money, and (d) just leave it - there are lots of clever cheaper ways to 'get back' (at) the guy if that is your goal, or (e) just move on ... life is too short! You don't need to be the world ethics police.

It's also only one side of the story, as we all know there are usually three versions,his,hers and the truth.

As Buddy said, move on, it takes much more energy to be angry and bitter.

Yeah baby, Yogi loves this stuff.   
Please excuse Yogi for being slightly inebriated but it was a special occasion tonight.

Let's see now, Yogi loves it when someone speaks of a third party that is really themselves.  There is no other guy is there tastebud.   OK, let's assume It's you mate,....and maybe that bargirl you've moved into your apartment that your company is paying for has got you over a barrel, and your scared shitless.

Since the apartment is registered to your wife as well, where is she???

She's away isn't she...?     You've been a naughty boy. , AND your bargirl knows your wife's  coming back and wants to surprise her.   Mmmmmm.  Good luck with that mate.

By the way, it's not illegal anymore for foreigners to co-habitate with Vietnamese. The local police will try it on for a bribe to look the other way , but just tell them to advise you in writing on a government letter head what law your breaking, and tell,them to send that letter to your lawyers.  Just give them any international law firms name.    They'll back off.

So Tastebud.   There is no law that's been broken. 

BUT , if that bargirl has proof that you or your imaginary friend has been using the " nose candy" and has proof that you've been pounding the beaver with a bargirl while your wife's away as well, you could have some explaining to do.    Hope your wife's a team player and has a sense of humour.

This girl by now will know everything about you.  While you've been possibly "stoned out" she's been taking photos of you butt naked, gone through all your stuff, taken credit card details, CVC numbers etc ,,you name it these women will find it.   

How do you think your wife will cope if she finds out everything.   If she pulls the plug you'll probably lose 65% of everything at least.   That's gotta hurt huh...

Yep.....sounds like your f*~ked.     But then again , all of the above is based on Yogis assumption that you and the guy your talking about are the same person.   

Forget the private eye.    It's that one eyed trouser snake that's got you into trouble. 

But your not the first, and won't be the last.   Good luck taste bud.   

Yabba Dabba Doo where did I put those Doritos.


I'm in Belgium at the moment on business...its cold, wet and overcast but your post gave me a little lift...super dooper!!!

The Beer is soooo good here mate....

Thanks Deep Six. 

Sounds like you've done some planning for the future with that D6 tag.😀

I'm still looking for the Doritos.  Bugger.   I'll just have to eat some stale Jatz crackers with the Dalat Red.  What a fine drop it is ......Grrrrr

Enjoy Belgium and stay safe . Yogi understands there are a few " undesirables" walking the street of Brussells these days.   

It's good to see the planets one big happy family eh😉


I know what your saying and yes the undesirables are everywhere here sometimes I wonder if I'm in Europe!!!  But you still get all the 'tree huggers' waiting with open arms!!!

I've seen this movie before. It's called 'Pretty Woman'.

Cops here wouldn't care. Unless, you pump money into their pocket first!

But I think it's better to move on!

Stupid stupid guy!
Stupid guys not worth the try
Stupid guys will eventually kill themselves
Stay near them and you will get killed too

-Frog poem-

Wonder what happened to OP Taste Bud.  Anyone heard from him?
Maybe his newly acquired "house mate"  did get him arrested....

Yogi wonders why a guy that's possibly working for a Multi national company ( hence the $2500 employer paid rent) is looking for a private eye when most multi nationals will have a legal arm within the company, OR have very good connections with other foreign law firms.

Let's ASSUME Taste bud or his friend has been sitting at an upmarket rooftop bar in Saigon talking to those legal beagles about his predicament "off the record" ( due to cocaine & prostitute use)  and they've told him he's virtually f*^ked.   He needs a miracle or something from "left field " to get him out of the strife he's in. 

That's why he's come here.😆😆

Taste bud OR his friend by now has probably realised that mobile phones have video cameras in them and most women here have the phones surgically attached. ( you've all probably noticed).

Yogi knows a guy here that's in a similar predicament.  This idiot got taken to the  cleaners for $140,000 by his girlfriend and couldn't do a thing about it.    This clown got talked into a threesome by his  new girlfriend . To keep the party going he supplied the "nose candy" .  There is a legal problem when you "supply" that stuff.     

It gets better kiddies...... The GF knowingly brought an under age participant along for the threesome. And then her smart phone videos the whole circus of events.   

So....we've got underage sexual activity and illegal drug supply all on video.   

That's Game Set & Match.   

$140k for a nights work.   Maybe the Multi National company should have her running the company.😀

Yogi would like to suggest that the OP or his "friend" google the definition of a "whore" as this girl was referred to.     

It's basically when a person compromises their principals for personal gain.  There's a lot of us around isn't there.  Most of us have been guilty of that.

Anyhow Tastebud, I hope it's all worked out favourably for all concerned. Let us know how it all played  out.   

If we don't here from you , we can only assume your locked up playing spin the bottle with the local scmucks in prison.

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