NEW - netball in Rome


I'm looking to start Rome's first netball club! Whether you are an ex-player, a newbie, looking for sport, fun or a weekly meet up, everybody is welcome.

Netball is a great excuse to have some fun, play some sport and meet new people. We did this in Paris six years ago and today there is a strong club with a big following who meet up twice a week and participate in european tournaments for ex-pat teams like this.

So if you want to be part of something new, join the FB group and as soon as we have the numbers we can get on court! Let's create Rome's first netball team - don't forget to tell your friends and see you soon!

My name is Anjalika Maduwanthi. I'm looking forward to join the team as a netball player. I want to get more information about it. I played netball in sri lanka when i was studying there now i came back to my mother land with my family to stay.

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