looking for prime accommodation in Mali

Hello.  I am likely to be working in Bamako from around July, for one year or more.  I have lived in other parts of Africa, but never in Mali -- and almost don't know Bamako.

Can someone give me suggestions about accommodation for rent ?  I essentially want the best possible accommodation within a 'normal' range, i.e. not a palace.  I have a fair budget, so I would not mind spending well for good accommodation.

I am ok with house or apartment.  The most important thing to me, is to be in a block of buildings or compound or whatever, which has a gym, and if possible a swimming pool.  In Kinshasa I used to live in a compound which had this and also restaurants and bars, and the apartment included cleaning and TV and internet etc, which was what I am kind of looking for.

Is there such a thing in Bamako -- an apartment block or a compound with such facilities, where I can rent a villa or apartment inside ?  How much would it cost, and who do I contact to pre-book ?

If there is no such thing, in that case what is the best way to find my own villa or apartment -- furnished ?

All help very appreciated. :)

Hello rolando78 :cheers:

I invite you to check out rental adverts in our Housing in Bamako section of the site to find out a nice rentla :top:

You may also drop an advert of your search there too.


Hi there have you got your accommodation if not you can contact this person ***

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