Chinese from Germany to Shanghai, want to make new friends

Hi, I was born in Shanghai. My name is Wenyi Shi. I just flyed from Germany to Shanghai on 29th April.
I have lived in Germany for 5 years including study and work. Now I want to come back to
my hometown and restart my life here. Mandarin is my mother language. So I can get quickly used to the life here. But after so many years in Germany, I have not many friends in contact in Shanghai.

Wish to make some friends here. Even if I am a Shanghainese, the city is not that familiar to me
as Germany. However, Shanghai is charming just because it changes.
I can speak Chinese, German, English and only a little Japanese.

If any one may have some questions, I am also glad to help. My parents are always in Shanghai, they have much information about this city.

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