One of my colleague applied for baladiya card and in medical test it is found that he has hepatitis disease. Now, company immediately terminate him from job. I want to ask according to labor law, Is company is liable to pay one month salary to him or company will not liable for any kind of dues for full & final settlement.


sorry to hear about your friend...but what the hell is baladiya card ?

Baladiya card is the requirement from Govt. of KSA for any type of business and work related to any kind of food materials. It includes generally Restaurent, Cafetaria, Coffe shop, Supermarkets etc... You have to apply at baladiya office and then they will give you three days 6 hours training classes. After qualifying baladiya training then you have to go for a medical test to insure that you have not any kind of disease which could spread to any other person. Baladiya card is compulsory for above mention categories other wise Govt. will seal the shop or restaurant etc....

oh ok , didn't know that...thx...

Also applies to barbers

May Allah reward him with health, could you tell me about his period in the kingdom as well as other details (salary, type of contract)

Ameen! He is in KSA since 2 years. His basic pay is 2500 SAR.

2 years with the same employer ?

One month notice (and salary) comes with all terminations per labor law.
If the company wants to terminate him immediately, one month salary must be paid.

However, with just 2 years of service, there is nothing in the final settlement. But it will depend on the company policy.

To clarify on what TLL said above, the employee is eligible for full end of service benefit of two years since he is terminated by employer. Article 87 states that employee will be eligible for full service settlement if leaves the work due to force majeure beyond his control. The employee getting sick is beyond his control and hence is entitled for full settlement including the notice pay, leave benefits and one way ticket.

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