how to apply bussines Visit visa for my relative through company.

hello all
pl let me know how can i apply business visit visa for my relative through my company.
either i have to apply for invitation letter or something else.
before i applied through invitation letter but in pakistan they ask for degree and all other things..
pl help me if some one know???

It's through the MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affair) website. Your company has to apply for a consultant's business visa which MoFA will review and approve electronically. The person on the other end must be a consultant with a specific employer and valid documents about educational background.

Whatever the profession on the invitation is mentioned, corresponding educational certificate has to be given to the embassy for visa stamping, else it'll get rejected...

They'll also ask you for 2 passports, current and the previous one to see any criminal records or previous bans for you to the KSA...

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