Senior candidates are very comfortable with their current job. Why?

Senior candidates like Directors and Senior Consultants in Thailand are very comfortable in their current jobs and they hardly explore other opportunities. What makes them to not to explore job opportunities?

Can anyone share your thoughts about this?

Everyone has their own reason for staying with a job.  It could be fair pay and benefits, good boss, work with great people, enjoy the work and challenge or maybe they don't like change.

Over the years for me it was the challenge and once that was gone the job became boring and so I looked for new employment.

Thank you for reply.

Since they are very comfortable in their current role, how we could make them attract to what we have? As just in a first courtesy call that we make, they tend to cut it short by telling im happy with my current job.

How we could approach them?

Use linked in to find suitable candidates, look at there history of employment;

Are they adventurous, do they have a tendency to relocate across SE ASIA and beyond. Is there a pattern to their employment duration, do they have a family and therefore likely a settled life in thailand ( not easy to move if so) do your homework on every candidate prior to the call so they know you have screened them for suitability, keep the call for what it is just a call and intro. Invite them to view your website or information do not request email as too many scammers, opt instead for a different option like whatsapp/line ID group which gives updates on opportunities if there interested then that's how you track them by there own admission to joining the group. Why not initially target middle managers who will be more interested in taking the step up and likely will have trained under the director and once you see the process working and your script is sharp, then target those top execs.

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