Avoiding penalty when cancelling US health insurance

When we relocate to Boquete in a few months, we will cancel our Obamacare health insurance policy. Will we be subject to penalty by US government for not having health insurance or is there a waiver we can obtain for being out of the US? Any information is appreciated, or point me in direction to find out. Thanks!

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You can check the website for exemptions to the health care laws.  There are several but it depends on your particular situation

One exemption I use is living 333 days out of the US. My husband has an exemption with having VA health care, even though he can't use it here in Panama. It is best to check all details with the IRS or ObamaCare website.

We have been here in Panama and did our tax return. We have international health coverage. We simply checked the yes box that we had coverage,  as advised by our CPA.

Check with your CPA.

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