Visit visa extension by re-entry prior to 90 day expiry

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Is anyone aware of the process where as long as you leave KSA prior to your 90 day visit visa expire and return again within the 90 days, will your visa utomatically be extended by another 30 days or in other words you will have the right to stay up to 30 days after re-entering KSA.

Thank you in advance for any help anyone can provide.

You can go out and come back only if you have the multiple entry visa.

There is nothing as auto-extension. Extensions have to be applied.

Thank you for your response. I do have multiple entry with a 90 day duration with a max 30 day stay each time. I was told by someone that if I leave and re-enter few days before the 90 days is up, then I am entitled to stay another 30 days.

Or the 90 days is the maximum number of days you are allowed to stay in the country after your first entry

Like you said, before few days of visa expiry, if you enter the kingdom you can stay for 30 days....

Thank you for your response.
I have explained this to our HR but they are not convinced that htere is such a rule!

Are you aware of any website or official site that confirms this rule?

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The total days to stay are 90 days, 30 days in each visit, one the 90 days consumed, then you need to issue a new visit visa..You can not stay more than 90 days, unless extending your visit visa, when extend they will do for extra 30 days.
Hope the answer is helpful.

Thank you for your explaination. I think I will not take any chances and just apply for the extension as you stated. I understand you can do this online now.

Hey my friend,
When you say leave the is not necessary to fly out, you can go to the Saudi/Bahrain boarder...........exit Saudi then turn around and return ....prior to reaching the Bahrain side....first customs....exit.....turn left to return to Saudi.

It is much easier for your company to get you a business must exit I believe 90 days....with a turn around

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With the 90 day visa, Day #1 is the day it is inserted in your passport. (Some people believe it is when you first enter the Kingdom, it is not).

Therefore if you leave for your 30 day visa run, and re-enter before it expires, you are eligible for another 30 day stay. I have done this several times.

However, you cannot enter on the final day of the visa (day #90) it has to be before midnight on day #89.

Your HR people should be able to confirm all of this to you.

Thank you for your response.

I have been arguing this case with our HR for sometime but they insist on 2 things:

1- "I have double checked, the 90 days starts after Abbasi enters KSA not the date of visit visa issuance."

2- I have to return to UK for extending my work visa

I am slightly worried now that you say the 90 days is from the date of visa issue since this was 1st Feb 2016. I arrived in KSA on the 12th Feb and have been told the 90 dys starts from this date.

Unfortunately I have found that HR people sometimes are not familiar with it, especially if their company does not frequently use business visas. Even some of the Immigration staff at airports are unsure. I think there is a website you can check - perhaps someone else can point you to it. I am sure it is from date if insertion into the passport, as I recently had to process a new visa and asked the visa agency to give me chapter and verse on the rules as I'd heard several variations.

You are absolutely right.
I work for a small consultancy firm and when I said HR, I meant only one person who deals with all visa and admin issues. My director and I asked him to double check and he came back with same answer that 90 days starts from date of arrival. I have just sent him a message to check again coz its not him who will be stopped at the airport when exiting!

Thanks again and I will let you know how I get on and if anyone else can benefit from our experience.

I can only advise you from my own unfortunate experience...

There are 2 concepts; visa validity and duration of stay

1. The visa validity is applicable to entry only from the issue date (printed on visa) to expiry date = issue date + duration! Therefore, you can enter after the issue date until one day before the expiry date - nb. to calc days.

2. The duration of stay is the maximum continuous stay in the Kingdom, for which you can apply for extension within KSA, before expiry ! Maximum extension duration must not exceed visa duration.

These are two separate rules and any visa agent who tells you that visa expiry can be calculated  from entry are confusing the rule with duration of stay - I was previously prevented from boarding a KSA flight due to bad advice.

I hope your agent has extended your duration of stay otherwise you will have to pay a HEFTY fine at the airport

Good luck

Thank you for your detailed response.

My situation is that I was granted KSA work visa for 90 days with an issue date of 1st Feb 2016. I actually entered KSA on the 12th Feb 2016. I have been on 2 visa run to comply with the 30 day max stay rule.

My HR are now telling me in order to renew the work visa, I have to return to UK before the 90 day completion from the date of my first entry and also 30 day from my last entry which was 7th April.

I am flying out on 5th May and have asked them several times to check and they insist that the 90 day starts from day of my arrival and not issue of visa.

I am kind of nervous to be honest and still not sure what will happen at the airport!

I assure you it is first day of insertion.
If it was inserted on 1 Feb 2016, then the last day of entry into KSA is 29 April. Therefore your visa is now expired and you will not be allowed back in on this visa - you will need to return to the UK to renew.

I understand that it is now expired but I am currently in KSA so will I be able to leave KSA without any problems?

As long as you don't exceed the 30 days, you're fine.

I am within the 30 days by a few days.

Thank you again for your help and explanations.

If duration of stay does not extend beyond 30days you are OK to depart then apply for a new visa

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