Used Books to donate in Riyadh?

We have some English books we no longer need.
Rather than throwing them away, we would like to donate...

Would Jarir bookstore accept used books..?
Are there any charities who would accept books...?

If you have any recommendations, could you please let me know...?

put an ad at

Are these school books? If yes, donate them to the relevant school.

If not, can I have a list? Some might of my interest  ;)

Thank you for your offer.
I already gave them to my friends...

Hi everyone,

Since Nicebreak has already given the books away, maybe we could close this thread ?

@ Nicebreak, since you are the initiator of the thread, do you need any more infos ?

All the best,

Hi Bhavna
how do you close the thread...?

nicebreak :

Hi Bhavna
how do you close the thread...?

Don't worry. She will do it for you. Only admins can.

Hi everybody,

As the initiator has already given the books away, i am therefore closing this thread. :)

Thank you,


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