Looking for Brits in Guadeloupe... I miss England


I have been living in Guadeloupe for 7 years now, I have two children, 5 and 2, both born here. I am wondering if there are any Brits living in Guadeloupe somewhere out towards Saint-Francois. I would love it if my daughter could spend time with other Brits, and not just me and her English family on the phone. She is bilingual, but sometimes translates French expressions like, 'I had foot at the swimming pool'... One's French needs to be quite good to understand that one....

Let me know please.... but doesn't seem like there are very many Brits on this website.



Hello, we could meet  and have a nice cup of tea! I,m a mother of 2 aged 5 and 2 as well!
From September,we ll stay in Le Gosier very close to St Anne...
I m not Brit but do speak English and my girls are really open to meet new friends American or English speaking as they have learnt to be open minded and like to be bilingual during our travels..
Love to hear from you

Hello, thanks for your reply. I have infact now left Guadeloupe. I needed to get out! I hope you will enjoy your stay.

All the best

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