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Hey all,

I am a New Zealander currently living in France. I will be moving to Port of Spain in one week to work at the Pan American Health Organization for five months. My wife will be joining me after about 6 weeks. I would love to meet some people early on after arriving. I will be living in the St James area.
My hobbies include all sports but especially rugby and american football, I love playing the guitar and am also writing music for a couple of short films.
I also have some questions regarding internet, is it best to get a box for the house or just to get a phone plan that has a decent amount of internet included?

Look forward to some feedback and hopfully meet some of you.



Hi Richard,

I created a new thread from your post on the Trinidad and Tobago forum so that you get some feedbacks.

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Hi Portch1991,

I think that it all depends on the number of GBs that you use.

I find that it is cheaper overall to get an internet connection as part of a package (phone, cable, internet) but if you don't use many GBs of data you can buy a celular phone plan and use the phone as a hotspot.

I pay $200TT for a digicel 3GB 4G plan but the package of phone/internet and cable costs us $400-$600 monthly depending on how the phone is used.

Hope the information helps a bit.

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