How to fly from Pakistan to T&T

You need immigration clearance of T&T before flying to T&T. There are many routes but as Pakistanis are not allowed to fly on easy routes and they need airport visa. Airport visa is also not possible for many people and time consuming factor. Search the routes where you can stay on the airport without a visa. Buy online tickets and just fly.

If you don,t have credit card then visit to the main office or branch office emirates, qatar and they can link the ticket and buy return tickets otherwise you will face problems in different airports.

Try to speak English and communicate well. Respect yourself and you will be respected, you can visit T&T

Why do we have to buy return tickets?
Is is not okay if we just buy ongoing tickets from the airport that we will be staying?
Also can you exactly tell an easy route to trinidad from pakistan and expenses.
Thanks Alot for the information!

Dear Mardan Khan ,

Thanks you so much for sharing unique information.Kindly share the route from which one can travel.
Your comprehensive information would pave the ways to Pakistani travelers.

Jazak Allah

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Dear Mardan Khan ,
Please share your facebook ID and Cell No


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Hi,i was told that there is no need for visa for pakistanis,does immigration ask you about invitation letter or some other??

Can someone explain please what he meant by you need immigration clearance of T & T before flying to T& T.

hi brother
r u in t&t?

Now a days total expenses are about 3lac just for ticket.  Safe route We have found Alhamdolillah.  You must send email to TT  immigration before departure and wait until their answer.

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