Looking for UNFURNISHED studio apt in Waikiki

I'm looking for an unfurnished studio apt to rent in Waikiki. I'm looking to rent long term (at least 6 month.) It has to be unfurnished apt/condo  because we'd like to decorate it myself. I have not kids/pets.

Budget: $1,100 US per month (I heard that it's the average rent for studios in Waikiki... Please correct me if I'm wrong!)

If you have any units or know of any that fits our needs, please let me know of the details including photo images if possible. I'm coming to Honolulu for 2 weeks end of this month or early next month  and hoping to schedule some showings before coming there.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello and welcome to! :cheers:

I invite you to drop a detailed advert of your search in the Housing in Hawaii section of the site as well :top:


Unfortunately, I don't have any specific listing for you. Anything I can offer you is to google "unfurnished apartment for rent in Waikiki". It seems to rank quite good results


Have you looked on craigslist?


let me know if you cant find any ill be happy to help you look. I looked for quite a long time when I moved here myself.


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