First time Expat - My experience in Sharjah

Hello everyone!

I am a first time expat here in UAE, in Sharjah exactly. I arrived last July 2015, during the scorching summer :(

All is good so far, I never expected my expat life to be this good. My boss is a kind man, work is great, busy most of the time but no complaints. My colleagues are all of different nationalities, I have a good relationship with most of them. In my opinion you just need an open mind and an open heart so you can all work together nicely.

I've heard stories about Sharjah being boring and all.. It depends on one's lifestyle I believe. If you happen to live in Dubai before and transferred here in Sharjah (or Ajman) of course there lies the big difference. Dubai is Dubai, its glitzy, its alive and more options for entertainment. But for a beach bum like me, I can live with spending quiet afternoon by the beaches, have some shishaa and live a semi-hermit life :)

I've just moved to Dubai but Sharjah sounds like its a very different place! Will make sure I visit it. Thanks

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I absolutely agree with the comparing points you have mentioned.

yes indeed i totally agree with you life in sharjah is tottaly diffrent but its really way better than dubai , you visit it one day ,there a lot of places that you can visit like al qasbaa for example its amazing place for where u can have coffee and listen to live music and chat with your friend,

hi, is i was finding jobs in dubai, i haven't had much luck, id love to move to dubai.

Which industry are you looking at?

I submitted my CV online specifically to hotel websites and the GM must have caught sight of my CV and called me for interview. The rest is history:)

You just have to keep looking for company websites where you want to work. Get tips on how to make your CV noticeable, create a LinkedIn account, sign up on Gulf talent, etc. Goodluck dear :)


You can try this :


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