Un-Married with children - Visit options

Hi All

My wife to be and son (21 months) are stuck back at home in the UK until we get married in September later this year. Is there any way at all that they could come to visit me in Saudi?? Aside from going to the UAE or things like that.

If my Fiancee was to come to Saudi as a consultant on a business visa, would she be able to bring our son along, what are the visa requirements ??   

Any advise would be appreciated



Your wife can come on consultant visa, but cannot bring the son. If you apply for both of them it will be rejected.

If you want them earlier than September, suggest you to fly out to UK and get court marriage, hand in the paperwork to a local agent and she'll be here in a month's time.

Then in September you can have your grand "I do" wedding, i'll be your best man for helping you get visa here :D


Thought of that but apparently the big day needs to be just that.  No halfway house to facilitate a visit that was the deal when I accepted the offer.

Thanks for the advice

My HR guy reckoned that as long as my name was on the birth certificate the kids could come.

For the older ones I think a medical was required and proof they weren't married themselves (yes I'm that old)

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