Mistakes to avoid when moving to Bulgaria

Hello people that want to leave the USA!
I am a Bulgarian-American and now I live in Bulgaria
I would like to post this so that people will not make the mistakes that I have made when I came back to Bulgaria
1. Do not come without at least 30K in your pocket abled to spend
2. Do not bring anything more then important documents and files
3. Do not come ignorant: (ie; do your homework on our constitution, laws , practices, rules,)
4. Do not count on friends to always help you, and for churches to help you!
5 Get all your financial matters in an order before you even think of leaving!
6. Bulgarian is not an easy language for Americans , therefore learn phrases in advance that will help you !
If you are thinking of moving to Bulgaria post an add on facebook and twitter that you are looking for Bulgarians that speak English and are true Bible believing Christians! We are here to help if you need it!
If you need other sort of info, you can write me personally in English at: mssamboo63 at
I hope that gave you some sort of help, and if you have questions about financial independence there is one thing I can say. Lower you standards. You will be surprized at how well I live on 600 dollars per month!

While some of that is good advice, I would say that 30k seems excessive unless you are planning to buy a small village house or something. If you are planning to rent, you do not need that much.

When I came to Bulgaria I had about $3000 in the bank and was working remotely. I did have a bulgarian husband so we had the support of his family, but even without that- if you have an income, it is not necessary to have 30k ready to spend. However, keep in mind that for your yearly residence permit you will have to show that you have at least 4000 bgn in your bank account. That, combined with deposits and start-up costs could run up your bill a bit. But still, I spend less than 30k a year here.

Hi! That 30K is for you to be totally independent of anyone! That is a cushion and your emergency fund in case you have to go and buy something big.That is money that you can save and use just in case scenario.
Without that it will be very hard, just like it was hard when I moved to the US without a dime to my name and nobody that I can count on!
It is stupid to rent in any country. Especially here, when I spent 8K for my house and only 18 leva a year property tax leaving 20 km from Sofia

Renting allows you to easily move from one place to another. If I had bought a house in Plovdiv I would not have moved to Varna and then Gabrovo to find a place where I like. Renting is an excellent idea for the first year or more in a new country until you fully understand the different regions. Immediately purchasing a place without a full understanding of the country seems ridiculous.

And you yourself admit you moved to the U.S. -- a much more expensive country-- without a dime... so, saying that moving without at least 30k seems overkill.

People have different standards and needs. Many people can make it in Bulgaria with less than 30k in free cash when they move. Hell, many people will NEVER have 30k in free cash to their name and still have lovely lives.

You seem to have tons of opinions about everything--- great, share them--- but remember that other perspectives and experiences exist.

Woah 30K seems quite a lot!  Is this for someone who is working or not6 It would be lovely for all of us to have a 30K cushion but I think it is mostly academic in any country.  Those who have a 30K cushion are not usually those settling for a self sufficient life  in Bulgaria.

Those things I posted is because I was in jam in the US and had nobody to turn to, and if I had that type of cash, I will not be bagging anyone for help! Renting is not for some! That is why I suggested they have this amount, because I bought my house and now I have to renovate the foundations and the roof! That 30 K will be needed as a cushion, and some people do not have family and friends they can count on.
Every situation and person is different! You are different then me, and others are different then you! Therefore, please do not oppose every word I say !

Hi Svetlanik

thank you for your kind input.  I don't oppose your words just wanted to make sure that those of us who don't have that kind of money are not frightened off.  Your words are very true but for many of us part of the challenge and excitement is in being able to live frugally and off the land.  We also have a house that needs complete renovation - lets hope we finish sooner rather than later :)

Hi Svetlanik

I've just realised that I have automatically assumed £30K!  Are you talking about £'s, E's or Leva because I'd be really interested in your figures, especially if you have already started the house. Thanks :)

Well, I guess that makes me ridiculous then! I have lived all my life flying by the seat of my pants! I woke up one day in 2009 and discovered that the previous night I had bid on a small house in a Bulgarian Village, on eBay! Worse still was the fact I won the I've never been one to question the divine plan of life and so I followed  through and honoured the purchase! I spent 20 minutes on the land when I visited for 7 days to complete the paperwork. Three months later I finally became the owner after jumping through all the hoops to set up a company! Then within a month, I was rendered brain damaged by a drunk driver collision at a cross roads in my town. I spent three years recovering from brain trauma  and then my beloved Mum was diagnosed with MND. I was forced to put my life on hold as I nursed her to the end of hers 24/7 for two years. I lost Mum in 2014 and the after affects tore my life apart and I suffered 4 strokes. So I decided that I would bite the bullet and move to the house I never meant to buy because just maybe, a force greater than I, had a plan for my future to turn my misery into some form of joy for what remains of my time here!

I am with you - a divine power was at work.  I feel exactly the same.  I have spent all but the last 15 years of my life flying by the seat of my pants in other peoples countries, then a further 15 here in the UK.  Both my partner and I are ready to go and see what the future holds

Don't know about divine power , but do believe in fate to an extent ! Sorry to hear about your run of bad luck Bruce , fingers crossed that the future is brighter ! We only visit Varna for a few months of the year (usually July and August) to escape the English summer ! Can't wait for this July after wettest winter I can remember !

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