Delay in Work Permit


I applied for an IBC (International Business Company) in Barbados last year March which was approved.  I also submitted the work permit application about 6 months ago.

The CIO and ministers have reviewed the application but my Lawyer can not get a response either Yes or No on the application?

I wish to invest in the island and ultimately apply for permanent residency.

Anyone with some advice?



Six months is not at all unusual.

On permanent residence - you can't even apply for immigrant status, the precursor to permanent residence until you have been resident here for five years.

My first permit with an established company took seven months - after that they take just a couple of weeks.

On leaving employment and setting up my own firm it took 14 months to get my first short term work permit pending permanent residence - I have been on a series of them for the past four years and no progress on permanent residence.

Contrary to what one may think - ministers have no real say in granting of work permits, the civil servants here are independant and guard that independance zealously, seeking the intervention of a minister or "connected big-up" is usually counterproductive.

Thanks for your comprehensive reply.

Also, can you clarify "My first permit with an established company took seven months - after that they take just a couple of weeks"?

I am starting a company there via the IBC so want the three year work permit, and then re-apply.

When applying for a work permit it takes a long time to get it approved.

It will last 2 or 3 years,

When it is about to expire, one reapplies and since all the checks etc were done for the first issue it simply gets approved in a few weeks.

Advertisements have to be placed each time an application is made, if there are objections made then it could sgain take months to approve. So for renewal apply early, the rules were changed a few years ago so one can apply before the old permit expires.

Your eating your time . We moved to Barbados last year but have now returned to England as we were
Frustrated at every turn by the immigration and seeking a work permit .
This was after buying a property in Barbados and prepared to invest .
They don't want to know
David Moore

Thanks David....Seems to be the norm.

Hello Ebbie,

What type of business did you setup?



Construction consultancy - we are chartered surveyors.


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