working domestic visa in Spain

Hello Everyone, I am a filipino nanny currently here in Azerbaijan, I had a job offer in Spain as a live in Domestic helper, my employer would like me to come to a working visa,, If anyone could give me an idea of processing the visa , that would be wonderful.. thank you in advance..

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Hello Marose, welcome to :)

You may find information on working visas in The Guide of life in Spain with links to related websites.

Hope this helps

Hi marose. How did you get the job offer to work in SPain? I want to work in Spain too. Do you have any idea where I can apply? I am currently in the Philippines.

hi im looking a job on spain im here at singapore working as could can i apply on spain.thnk and regards

Hi Mica D,

This thread has been inactive since long. I suggest you read the Living in Spain guide specially the work and visa section so that to be informed of the formalities.

Also, feel free to drop an advert in the Jobs in Madrid section so that you may get an opportunity.

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hi i am lita dollopac working in Singapore right now i am wanted to transfer in spain to work domestic helper how to do this if someone can advise me im really appreciate it.thnk you..

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