Help: Australian wanting to move to Tenerife or Palma De Mallorca

Hello all,

My name is Kym and I'm a female from Australia.
I joined the forum to meet other expats and also get some help with moving to Spain. My boyfriend who is Italian and I are considering moving to Tenerife or Palma De Mallorca in April/May to live and work at least for 6 months.He is a chef and I have lots of hospitality and customer service experience as well as marketing and administrational experience. I'm also a qualified personal trainer and yoga teacher.
I'm currently trying to find out what visa I need to get be able to live and work in Spain and where/how I can get this visa. Unfortunately I do not qualify for the Working Holiday Visa. I'm wondering if a work visa can be arranged in Spain once I have secured a job?
Any information and assistance with work visa information/how to live and work in Spain would be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to chatting with you. :)

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Hi there Kym,

I'm also an Aussie and have researched this one thoroughly. If you don't have an EU passport and don't qualify for the working holiday visa you are indeed very limited and will need to secure a job in order to get a work visa so that you can live in Spain. Or you will need to do a student visa at a language school. You will be allowed to work for 20 hours max per week. But this is actually an expensive option. If you have the finances to do it - it's the least complicated. Similar to Australia's student visa conditions, you'd need to prove your financial ability to support yourself and return airfare.

If you go the work visa option, it's a stressful long process which will test your patience with Spain. I'm going through it at the moment. The work visa can take 6-9 months minimum to process just to get the work permission. Not kidding. I started my work visa stuff with a VERY cooperative employer in April/ May last year. Your employer will need to demonstrate that they need someone with very unique skills that local Spanish citizens and EU citizens can't fulfil. It's a lot of work for the employer to prove to the government why they need a person with these skills.

If the employer wants to employ you they have to advertise the position at the local government agency for a minimum of one month. In that time Spanish and EU citizens have the right to apply for the job. If you are going to an island with a small population the local government might also be slow, or the unemployment could be really high which can make the  situation tough.
I had my work permission processed in Catalunya which is apparently much faster and efficient than other provinces. I don't know anything about the areas you are interested in living.

If you want to discuss it further feel free to PM me.
Good luck

Thank you for the detailed reply, I read some of your other posts too.

Do you think it's possible I could just arrange the work visa in Spain once I have found a job there? I realise that's not the "correct" process but surely it can't be this hard?

No, the Spanish visa has to be applied for from your home country. Can't do it without Spain. You'll have to look for the job in person (my recommendation), but then you'll have to go back to Oz to personally apply to the Spanish Embassy.

That seems crazy. I'm sure there are ways around this. Has anyone got any other advice?

I am in architecture but I will be working in English teaching.

Oh nice. Have you done the English teaching course? Where do you want to live in Spain?

I've taught English before and yes did a TEFL course and have a bachelor degree. Moving to Vinaroz (1.5 hours north of Valencia)

There isn't really a way around it, I think the other two options you would have is to see if you qualify for a non-lucrative visa but that means no work of any type while in Spain and that includes remote working online or perhaps you could marry your BF, a bit extreme though.

I've never heard of the non lucrative visa and even so, you'd have to prove you have the financial means to do that one. Not easy need a lot of $$$ behind you.
Yep that's the other one- get married but don't get married just because you want to stay in Europe. That's pretty extreme. I'm in a stable secure relationship but my boyfriend and I both agreed marriage would make my visa stuff easier but it's not the right reasons to marry. Plus it's not entirely romantic. You want to be getting married because you want to make a life commitment to one another and build a life together. It's not just a piece of paper for a visa (at least not for us). Of course if that's where you and your boyfriend are at then it makes sense to have that conversation. I'd just discourage the extreme option of marriage for a visa. It has potential to make your life very complicated if it turns out to be something you don't want. Especially if you have never lived in Europe or Spain for that matter. 

International relationships are not always easy. I personally think there are more challenges than a normal relationship with someone from your own country because of language (sometimes), cultural differences, social differences, someone always ends up making sacrifices, family cultures, dealing with another country's government systems, career, recognition of qualifications, mastering another language. You have a lot to deal with and it takes a certain type of couple to make it work. It's a very romantic idea moving to Europe to be with the love of your life but it is also good to be realistic and wise about it too.

Hello, I am Denisse, I am also a foreigner here in spain.I am from Eastern Europe, living here for 12 years.I am also amaized why an australian would come here to work in Tenerife. I am used to find people living here but only retired english or germans. Not Young people.I agree totally with the other australian who replied you.It is true.You will need a lot of courage and patience.I obtained my working permit only after 4 years.Only to convalidate my engineer title I needed 3 years. Excepting a place runned by some australian, american or something like that they will always prefere locals, no matter qualifications and ". working attitude"  At least look for Barcelona or Madrid more cosmopolitan  and developed areas. Only God helped me with all this and nowaday I have a good job .Take your time to think about moving.
Good luck,

P.S. If you want to ask something --details-- just write me  xxx
P.S. If you n

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Whilst travelling over to Mallorca (and anywhere else for that matter) those that know me realize that I don't like to drive anywhere when I'm abroad! Does anyone know if transfer companies in Mallorca are the same price as Taxis in Mallorca? What is the difference? I don't mind paying a bit more for safety and quality (don't ask me about my experience in Madeira)  I have been liaising with who do collect from the airport

Any pointers on (not cheap) but good value places to stay would be appreciated too.

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Sorry, me again, also is the Alcudia old town a nice place to take a family, I kind of get to hear a few opinions, but not all agree, as expected. Is it a full day out or just a passing through/ visit type of area?

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