New members of the Japan forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hi Nichole

My name is dhiaz, I am from indonesia. I hope we can become a friend

im nora and im interested in working and living in japan. hope to gather some information regarding the work situation.

Greetings from North Carolina, USA -
My husband and I entered Japan on 1 October 2016, "disoriented in the orient" --- not knowing the language, but having several apps on our iPhones to help avoid total confusion and gaffes. We are here for three months in Higashi-Hiroshima because of his job and I am free to explore to my heart's content.

We have made wonderful friends and have found a church "home" that is most welcoming and helpful.

The first week was rather rough, adapting to time changes and some food. My husband Paul must wear a uniform at work and the temperature is never set below 82*F (@ 28C) during the summer. We are so glad that we were not here during August and September, when it was really hot!! Now that it is beginning to cool off, it is most pleasant and we look forward to seeing leaves changing color in the mountains we can see from our apartment.

We were treated to a great 8-course traditional dinner at a fine Japanese restaurant with a one-star Michelin rating. Even though portions were small, it was altogether very filling, somewhat unusual, and quite delicious. We found that Japanese food did not sicken us, but rather pastries from a French pastry shop near our apartment. Go figure!

Only one thing (so far) is disappointing: most people don't smile. I'm so used to the American way of greeting strangers on the street with smiles and nods, but I'm gaijin here, so very few people will give me more than a sideways glance. I'll keep smiling anyway.....

I am not really new in Japan, but have been here for about 3 years. I am looking to improve my Japanese and learn more about the cultures of the world.

Hello everyone.

This is Anurag, presently residing in Nagoya.
I am on here on a 3 months internship as an Electrical Engineer and would love to meet up with expats living in Aichi prefecture to grab a beer, go hiking or discuss some movies or tech.


Hi there, I just moved to Tokyo last week, I am hoping I could get to know anyone in Tokyo, and maybe help each other out?

Hi there

Nice to meet you all! I've been working for an event venue and a Shinto Shrine for a little bit more than a year, and living in Japan for 4 years. I'm French, but I don't like wine  :D

I'm starting to have a little bit of knowledge about Japan, so if you have any question/request about this country, send me a mail!

See you soon


Hi everyone!

Rosty here.  I just moved here a little over a month ago and am studying Japanese.  I was living in Singapore for 8 years but originally from the Philippines.  I thought I needed a change & wanted to learn another language so I moved here.

I like the outdoors a lot, yoga & newbie in weightlifting.  Hope to meet like minded people.

Cheers! :)

Currently living in Tokyo, maybe we can meet up somewhere I am keen to meet new people


My name is is Get and I am from the Philippines.

Joined the group to network for my business and seeking partner Filipinos and foreigners for property investments in the Philippines.

Please message me and let's meet for coffee.


Good afternoon everyone,

I am Mirko van der Laan, from Amsterdam. I am doing my masters in Cultural and Social Anthropology and I decided on doing my fieldwork here in Japan. I am living in Nagoya for 1,5 month, after I will be moving to Fukuoka for two months. I am looking for expats and friends to hang out with, talk about your experiences of living in Japan. Feel free to send me a message!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Yours sincerely,

Mirko van der Laan

Hi ! I'm Marcela from Mexico. I just moved to Nagoya this month, I want to learn japanese so will be great to have some friends that can help me with  that.

Hello everyone!
My name is Varun and I'm from India. I recently moved to Osaka. Working with an automobile company here.

I'm interested in making new friends here. I can speak english but not fluent in Japanese.
I would like to catch up with people over weekends, maybe having beer together.

Hello, I'm Margaret.

I'm from a small town in Texas and dream of moving to such a nice, mild place like Sapporo. I've been learning Japanese in my free time but I've been slowing down lately. I love cooking and thought about traveling to research Japanese cuisine, but that'll probably be a while. I'd love to use this forum to make use of it's collective knowledge!

Hello everyone
my name is Danh living in Tokyo, Japan from February 2017. This is my first time living abroad, everything is new for me, I am currently looking for work online, i am recetionist  worked in hotel so many years, and i am also nurse.   so looking forward to help, thank you very much.

Paul B. Hartzog, Asheville, NC, USA

I have been on here for some time but I don't think I ever introduced myself.  I'm a futurist and would like to live for a few years near Kyoto at some point with my family.  I will need to find some kind of professional employment, of course, either in government or business, as a future-thinking strategy person.

Looking forward to meeting new people, and likes of confidential investment cooperation........

I'm Anggie! I'm from Indonesia and now studying in Sendai Ikuei Gakuen probably for a long time :D
I hope to meet some new friends! I love travelling, and I wish to travel around Japan someday. I'm fluent in both Japanese and English, nice to meet you all.

that good can we talk more


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