Authorization from SAK as helsefagarbeider in Norway

Hi I am filipino aupair that currently living here in Norway and I already applied for authorization as helsefagarbeider(healthworker). I just wondering because usually filipino nurses are the one who applying for this position but I am not nurse. My education is just vocational training as caregiver, thats the only education i have that related to healthcare. But I am graduate of BS. Accountancy. I just wanna ask if any of you have the same situation as mine? The long waits is killing me. Hehehe. I am hoping to get approved, if there is any from here who has caregiver education in the philippines and get approved by Sak as healthworker, am really glad to hear something from you. Thanks.☺

Hi Liningning,

There are many threads discussing SAK. You can search SAK and browse through them, you will surely find the answer.  Good luck


Hi, thanks for the reply. However I already searched thoroughly thru their website but I haven't found the answer. ☺

No, I meant searching through the expat-blog website.

If you go to the top of this page, you will find a search box. Type SAK in it and you will find atleast a dozen discussions related with the topic. Hope this will be helpful.

Good luck

Aha! That I haven't tried. Thank you. I will try it now.☺

No problem.  : )

Good luck

Hello liningling

I just wanna ask if u have found an answer to your situation coz i have also the same situation, i wasn't able to finish my nursing degree but had finish a caregiver course from tesda philippines, i am wondering also if Sak will authorized us to watk in health care here in norway? Hope to hear from you soon. 😊

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Ohh no, the message has been moderated and i can't read them anymore, pls post again your reply in english as i really need info regarding this one. Thanks!

I haven't received the result yet. I will let you know once I heard anything from SAK.
I doubt I will get approve though.
They're looking for enough experience and education and it's too clear that having caregiver training is not enough to consider. Anyway I just, we never know.

Ahh i see, i have heard from a friend that she knows someone who got approved and she just finish a caregiving course, so might as well try, who knows. But may i know what did you do with the application and when did you submit? :)

Is caregiver the same as nurse?  My friend just received authorisation to work as a nurse...but she spent years to get that.

She already had 5 years of nursing education and working as professional nurses for a few years in Singapore but still, she was not allowed to work as nurse when she came to Norway.

she has to attend language classes to pass the Bergentest (academic Norwegian course - very very difficult to pass).  She also need to study to take a couple of exams from HIOA...and then ask for internship to work in clinic (I think it was unpaid) for 400++ hours of clinical experience....Finally now she is authorized to work as nurse.  It took her more than just a couple of years to achieve this.

No it's not the same, nurse is a bachelor degree, while caregiving course is just some sort of health care training that usually lasts for 6 months to 1 year, mostly focusing on caring for the elderly,  people with special needs and caring for children, mostly just the basic on health care, that's based only from the country where we came from which is Philippines, so we were just wondering if the caregiver training we had will be accepted and be authorized by SAK for health worker. :)

I really think that caregiver training alone as education that we have, without any working experience will get rejected by SAK. I read through internet some same cases and they got rejection. So I don't want to put my hopes up anymore.

Based on what I heard so far for job in healthcare in Norway, they are extremely suspicious of education or qualification or even work experience outside Norway.

hello liningning. I am filipina too and wanted to apply for sak recognition of education am really confused about it and i dont have any idea how to apply it i just heard it from a friend and she also told about nokut . do i need to do nokut first before i can apply for sak or i can apply directly to sak?

If you want your Health care related education qualification to be certified, then it is SAK.

but if you just want general education qualification to be certified, then it is NOKUT.

hi.. thank you for answering . so does it mean as well if ill apply my general education here in norway i can also proceed my studies for masters degree? because im thingking of the bachelor degree of pharmacy in my country of origin is 4 years and here in norway its 5 years. so its like i need to apply my general education first at nokut??? im really confused . anyone can help? and give more information on your experiences applying to sak and nokut. i would really appreciate your help.
Takk Skal du ha.

Hei Liningning, any updates on your SAK application? How did it go? Was it approved? Hope to hear from you soon. I wanna know so i'll have basis if i'll pursue my application or not since we have the same situation. :)

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