Winter in Skiathos

Hi, thank you for accepting me onto your forum.

We are planning to drive to Skiathos at the beginning of October and renting until the beginning of April.  this is quite an adventure for us, we have been to Skiathos for holidays many times usually at the beginning or end of the season as we don't enjoy the hot summer weather.  we have always loved it hence this planned trip.  Now recently retired with two small dogs we are really looking forward to being able to take our time and enjoy new experiences.  has anyone driven from the UK to Skiathos recently?

having spent 12 years living in Athens in the past I can speak some Greek! although rusty it usually comes back to me after I have been in Greece a few days so this should help us to integrate a little.
My husband does not speak any Greek so I am hoping there will be some British expats who he can socialise with.  Not sure about the cost of living in Skiathos especially after all the problems Greece has experienced economically recently, so would really appreciate some advice on the subject.

The property we are looking at renting for the duration of out stay is not for from  megali Amos, its a bit small but there seems to be very limited availability for rental so although not as big as we would like(its only has 1 bedroom) it is handy for Skiathos town.

I won't ramble on any more although there are lots of things I could go on about,  Any information would be really gratefully received.

Why you dont'n take a look for another rental...

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