Chinese driving license or can i drive with International licence?


Do I need a Chinese driving license to drive in China or can I drive with an international driving license?
I have a Moroccan driving license and I can get an international one from the Moroccan authorities.
If I need a Chinese license, how is the process of getting it?

Thanks everyone ;)


YES you will need a local China drivers license to drive here being an expat.

My wife obtained mine for me pretty easily through the local road police and government office, I only had my original paper UK drivers license on me turn to pieces and sellotaped together hahha but it still was OK.

Best ask any China friends to help you out, NO need to re-take a test.

Hi, I'm Johnson... I got my licence not long ago. The process is a bit tedious, you will need to translate all your documents (your origins licence, passport, visa if applicable) and go to the traffic authority to apply. If you have every documents ready, It will just take around 2 week to get your china licence plus you passed the traffic rules test.

You will need to take a written test on the computer.  They offer the test in Chinese or english.  You are best to go online & search China drivers test questions 2016.  There are practice tests you will need to do.  If you take the test in english some of the questions are written pretty odd so you need to memorize the correct response even if it makes no sense.  You need to score a 90% to pass so most expats do not pass but they will let you reschedule.  I was lucky on the first try & got my drivers license right then.  If you do not have a drivers license from another country or it is expired you will probably need to take the driving test as well.  They also offer driving school as most people in China my have never driven before.
They just changed the rules for older expats over 65 to allow them to get a drivers license.  The age limit for Chinese is 65 I think.

:) Hi, l wonder do you need to rent a car instead of getting a Chinese license? Renting a car with a free chauffeur can be more convinent  :happy:
you need chinese driving licenses for drive in china, international driving licenses is not valid becasue china is not the part of uno
check the link given in here you can know how you need to give exam

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