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I am doing a short internship in Shanghai in April. I am looking forward to it, but the only negative aspect is that the office where I will be working is in Jiading, which by the looks of it is 3 hours away from downtown with public transport. I've decided that I will be staying at a hotel for the whole month since there do not seem to be many short-term rental apartments in that part of town.

However, all the hotels in the "close vicinity" are also at least an hour away with the subway. I've decided to look into the idea of hiring a driver to pick me up in the morning, take me to work and then then take me back in the afternoon.

Can anybody help me as to pointing in the direction of reasonably priced companies that could organise this? And also to give me an idea of how much this would cost me - 5 days a week for 4 weeks.

Thank you!

congrats on the internship and yikes! Do you know how many Kilometers the distance is?

In the daytime price = starting fare 14 (first 3 kilometers) plus 2.4 for every succeeding km within 10 km and 3.6 for every succeeding km after 10 km. (

One reputable company, Dazhong has a website, you could try your hand all calling them (

What more likely is that once you move into town, find a driver local to your neighborhood and make a deal with him. (a friend of mine did this) Otherwise, some drivers will charge you for the gas/time to drive out to Jiading from their locale.


:) Hi, l wonder do you need to rent a car with a free chauffeur? It  can be more convinent than hiring a driver :happy:

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