Immigration documents

Good day,  I was born in Windhoek in 1978 and still have my I'd book.  We moved to SA in 1987. My husband and I want to relocate to Windhoek and seek for jobs there.
1) Do I  still have Citizens ship in Windhoek?
2) What documents does my husband and daughter of 3 need to complete to come with me?
3) What agencies can I contact to apply for jobs in Namibia?

Hi Daniela Neethling,

Welcome on board :)

Regarding your question about jobs maybe you can browse through the Jobs in Namibia section and drop your resume in the work sector that you feel more comfortable doing please :)

It might help !

Best of luck with everything !

Thank you


Thank you very much for your prompt response. I will do so indeed!

If you have some questions in immigration documents or visa, you should find some company who would help you to make it all in order, very fast and without any problems. Visa Getting is currently hard, specialy for US and some other countries. You can make some mistakes during filling in the documents and get a denial. I know this [link moderated] who helped me last year in this issue, so try to find some thing like that.

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