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Hello  everyone ,i hope  every is good i have been here  since  March GERMANY  is very  nice country  .
i want  to learn  German  language  in Badgodsedurg  city i speak not much  .

By the way  I'm  from UAE wich VAE

Hi koloner and welcome to :)

How do you find Germany so far?

Are you looking for a private teacher to lean German language?


Priscilla  :cheers:

Are you a teacher?

Bad Godesberg have been in the news lately for multiple intolerances against native Germans. (Niklas is unfortunately only one example)

It might be wise to consider that not all behaviour that you witness there are representative of other parts of Germany or conducive to integration.

Consider alternatives and make the best of your stay enjoyable. Have fun!

Hello all :cheers:

For info, this thread has been inactive for nearly a year.


Probably the news raised some latent memory, with some . Bad Godesberg is latest news, mind you.

Let's take the opportunity to mourn the untimely departure of an innocent bystander returning from a concert with friends :

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