Is Veliko Tarnovo right for me?

I've had a bit of a tour of inland Bulgaria and I've stayed for a week in a village near Sozopol.

I've had loads of advice from people who have moved to Bulgaria from Britain and I have met a number of very helpful Bulgarian people. Between them they have convinced me that a life in Bulgaria would suit me right down to the ground. Now I just want to get on with it and move there.

I think I have decided that one of the villages near to Veliko Tarnovo is the place that I would like to live, but I am not sure. They seem to be affordable and relatively unspoilt without being too remote. I don't want to live in a city but I don't want to be too far from a decent sized town and I feel that I would like to fully embrace Bulgarian culture rather than live in a predominantly British ex-pat community.

I would really value the opinion of anybody who could take the time to comment.

I have visited VT also and found surrounding villages and hamlets.
I have stayed in Lovech and enjoyed the area, it has a mix of modern and traditional.I have a week in August in Bulgaria and again will visit and stay, in various towns including Lovech.
I have heard nice things about Gabravo and looked at some real nice traditional pictures of Elena (not 100% on the spelling?)
Good luck with your search for the right location.
Cheers Steve.

hi terry,,your right..Embrace good Bulgarian culture,,i have not moved not moved from UK to BG,just to live in expat enviroment,,if i did,i might as well have stayed in UK,,all though expat advice is valuable,so is Bulgarian,,in time you will find people you can trust,has i have in my village,,and some expats who have tried to rip me off,,,Yes i think you have made right choice in moving close to VT,,i fell in love with VT last year,and decided to move to Vinograd.which is 50min car drive,,with hindsight i should have moved closer to VT,,maybe next year,,anyway good luck with your move my friend,,,Eddie :)

Vt is a lovely place and one of my favorite towns too.  South of Lovech direction Troyan is beautiful but i wasn't too much impressed about Lovech itself... Same for Elena .... It is worth visiting but I wouldn't invest there....  Try also to visit Triavna , it is closer to Gabrovo and has idyllic landscapes... Success !!

Just picking up on "Arbra's" reply, I stayed in Troyan also and enjoyed the stay it was by complete accident tho' the address for a B&B in Lovech had the exact same road name and unable to locate this I put the road name in to the sat nav and arrived in Troyan, which had a rock concert in the square which was pretty cool.
I have since stayed at the correct address in Lovech twice and again next month the old part of the town past the covered bridge the B&B sits just next to an old chapel with the back drop of a castle wall and ruins, I only visited the old part had no interest in the busy newer side.
Cheers Steve.

Hi Terry :) I think is that you chose the right region :) Veliko Tarnovo is situated in the heart of the country and you are on the same direction from the airports and from the sea. And in Veliko Tarnovo area you can enjoy the mountain views and fresh air in Elena, Gabrovo, Dryanovo or to have a home with huge garden full with tasty vegetables and fruits near Pavlikeni or Polski Trambesh. Regards,

Thank you very much for your replies Steve, Eddie, Arbra and Ferara.

I have now done some reading about all of the places you have mentioned and I think I need to go and have a look at them all.

All I have convinced myself of is that I need to go back to Bulgaria soon and have a good look around. There is so much to choose from and most of the places where property is for sale look very affordable as well as beautiful.

And the thought of of a big vegetable garden is stuck in my mind now Ferara.

So now I am wondering, with so many to choose from, can anybody recommend an estate agent in the region that we have been discussing?

Please and thank you!


Dear Terry,

My friends here are very happy with the services of Yantra Homes estate agency  They will advise you in every step of the purchasing process, and if you need service providers they will contact you. I hope this is helpful for you :) Regards

Thank you Ferara. This is a big step for me so every little bit of help and advice is greatly appreciated.


Yantra is very good  indeed for properties located between the triangle formed by Gabrovo / VT / Elena and so is too...... other "generalist" sites are,, and many many others...
Remember to always be assisted by your own lawyer & eventually a translator when buying a property. Best way to proceed is i think to rent for a while in the region. That way you can tell if your dream location still is your dream location in the middle of the winter...

Yes,,Try Yantra Homes in VT,,they are very helpfull,,have a look at there website :)

Thanks Eddie. I went into their office in VT when I was there in April and the lady was extremely helpful. It's good to hear other people's opinions though, especially when it comes to estate agents in any country as they are often not what they appear to be.

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Good luck with that Miguel. I hope you find what you're looking for.

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I have contacted a lawyer to register a company I am a US Citizen. So I have started the first step for beingbable to purchase property. I have noticed more people buying in VT..
Plus a real estate agent told me this region is better for operating a B&B....also considering weather conditions in Burgas, etc....that is something to consider. May I ask for the area of Vidin how is that area for tourism...

I wouldn't go near Yantra unless you want to be pressurised into signing a contract you are locked into before you go back to the UK.  Take your time to look around and see what is available, also take a note of all the extra add on expenses you will have to pay to buy.  Once you sign the preliminary contract, hand over 3% commission to Yantra and also 10% deposit, Yantra state they take no further part in the sale.  Try Stara Planina agents or others first is my advice.

We have just agreed a price on a house in that regions not far from Polski Trambes and Pavlikeni. The place is North West from VT. Not thea rea we were first looking at but this house came up and were offered the chance of viewing and it's almost everything we need and wanted.

Now we have to explore the area and discover what there is there to find. We have not been near VT yet so we have that to look forwards to as currently in Ruse city.

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