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I'm looking for a job as a teacher in London. I have a Master in Translation French/Spanish/Dutch and also a Teaching Certificate I obtained in Belgium.
Now I wonder if I need to homologate my Teaching Certificate in UK before I can apply for a job? In this case I'll need to do an extra course!

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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I'm a Canadian teacher and because my Bachelor of Education degree included my practical teaching, it is considered an equivalent to the UK QTS status. If you already have teaching experience then it shouldn't be a problem, but what you should do now is get in contact with some UK teaching agencies and they can answer your questions/ help you out with finding work.

Hello there,

I am a french teacher holding CAPES (which is the french equivalent for QTS) and I know I can apply for QTS whitout sitting for any other exams or tests. BUT I was wondering, how the ministry of education would be able to check my english skills then ???
I would like to teach around south west London. This is an area I know and like very much. I have been seeking for a teacher job online and I have been seeing that offers vary a lot ! Some propose a salary per day, others pay you weekly or monthly ...

Questions :

When daily paid... what's the major reason for it ? Is there a trap somewhere ?   

Are ofsted realiable ? Or is there some traps ?

I wish to come back in England in 2018 and I have seen that the salary I can claim for is about 2150 pounds monthly (minimum for outer London). After taxes, I shall have 1700 pounds. Is that correct ?
This would be enough for me anyway.

I'd also like to know how to progress in your career in the UK ! How is your national system made for it ?

I'll have many (and by many I really mean MAAAANNYYYY) other questions, so if someone's willing to help! please feel free to notice me :)

Thank you all !


Ofsted is v much reliable as they check schools progress and results and edycation system in UK. Regarding salary its weekly paid bt some higher on daily basis.its up to you what u like. You can google your question as school system in UK.
regarding your English ..there are English language courses TOFEL, TEFL may be you need. I will try to check for you or try to give you email address of one if my friend in teaching job. But ned to ask him first if he csn satisfied are you intrested to apply in a high school, college or university? Then u need to contact through their admin staff. They can guide u in better way.
Good luck,
Sofia Hussain

Hello Sofia and Thx very much for your time !

Actually I already hold an IELTS academic certificate which I passed in 2008 in Liv'pool. My mark was 8/10 (I think it isn't that bad :) )... The only matter is that I have lost the official document ... but every administration can ask Liverpool IELTS center for a copy of it (they said).
I am both interested in secondary schools and high schools but I feel more confortable in HS.
I want to thank you for your answer and your offer to contact your friend, I'll be delighted to chat with him/her.
Regarding the salary, if I have three years experience with great administration remarks on my job application, can I negociate my salary or is it not recommended ?
We're a couple with a little girl (2 yo) and I am wondering if the minimum salary for a teacher in outer London (26,819£ a year)  would be sufficient ?
I have estimated house benefit and this is quite reassuring but still rents would take half the salary, hence my question regarding the salary.
I am also concern about the BREXIT question ... I can't imagine britain to shut borders : /

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Hi Evan,
You can do tutions as well to earn more money. Regarding rent you can check.gumtree uk and add area in search it will give you very clear pucture if rented flats and houses around. Then eill be easy to celculate. I am not sour about Ielts is expted or not. There is an agency its v good for to search and find job I myself work with them its reed global uk check thid apply . You can see options and will be more helpful. As i dont know mysrlf abt teaching in UK. Bt can just suggest u if you search and apply dubai you can get tax free salary full furnich accomodation medical free etc.much you can dream. I myself will apply soon as in UK you can not get as much as in dubai.
msny fresh teching students wish to go there.even annual paid holidays too.just sugession up to
best wishes for your job

Hi Sofia,

Than you very much for your advices. I usually look into to find a property because there's no bad surprises. Doing tuitions is a very good idea. I also using to find jobs in UK and it seems very professional as I had several previous contacts with recruiters.
Regarding Dubai, I can't go there. I have already been in ny places since the last 10 years and I really wish to come back in the UK now... to settle for good ! :)
Let me know if your friend is OK to correspond :)

Best wishes,


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