Tips for getting your first job in the British Virgin Islands


What are your tips and advice for getting a first job in the British Virgin Islands?

What are the job hunting steps to follow? Where to look for offers: newspapers, Internet, recruitment agencies, word-of-mouth?

What are the top hiring sectors?

What would you recommend to young professionals wishing to start their career in the British Virgin Islands?

Thank you in advance for your participation!

British Virgin Islands are a group of islands in Caribbean.
They have a lot of good websites where you can find different offers for a job. For example, Claigslist and Career Jet. They are general websites for searching a job.
Also there are such websites like Overseas Jobs, Go Abroad and Linkedin. I think you have heard about them. All of them have good job portal too. Moreover, they have a lot of other useful information like visa information, flying, transfer,  global embassies directory etc.
By the way, this service also will help you They have lots use necessary tips for office-seekers.

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