Advise on where and how to rent my house to expats

Hi everybody,
I am a Carbbean lady living in The Netherlnds. My ex-husband and I purchased a house in Ghana 3 years ago. He has been living in The Netherlands  for more then two decades. Reason why he is not well connected in Ghana. He has tried to rent the house through agencies without any luck.
I am currently looking for ways how we can rent it our self.
I have sent a  massage to and am waiting for their reply.

Do you have any tips , suggestion how to rent it as soon as possible.

It's a beautifull 5 bedroom furnished house (Community 22/Tema)
As I understand the system in Ghana is that the landlord requires 1 to 2 year rent payment in advance. We chosse not to require this and only as for one month deposit. The rent price is € 950 per month but hat is also negotiable. We hope to find some one to rnt it for 1 year or longer. BUt at this moment we are also accepting shorter stay like 3 to 6 months.

I would be very grateful for your help, suggestions and advise.

Kind regards,
Danitzah Jacobs

I would think that the only way is for you to find a reputable agent to act on your behalf as you will need to draw up a lease agreement etc. I hope accraexpat can advise you

Thank you Hkann,
Could you advise which agencies are reputable. Through google I found
Do you have any info about them?
We currently have a housekeeper living in th boys quarter (is this how they call it??) .
Would you say that there is a high demnd for affordable houses now? What do you think of my offer, do you have any other tips or suggestions?

Your rent sounds very cheap even though it is out of central Accra. I would have thought $1500+ if it is furnished. You really don't want short lets as that is very complicated and you would need to keep checking on wear and tear and damage. If you could get someone for two years that would be much better. I have no idea about agents I'm afraid but hope you can find an honest one!

Thank you for the reply. I am aware that the rent is cheap. The reason we are offering it 'cheap'is because we want to rent it as soon as possible. We have been working with an agent in Ghana but they only ask for more money and the house has NOT been rented for 3 years!!! So to us we prefer to get less rent but to have it rented.
Thank you for your feedback it is much apreciated!!!

That is unfortunately what happens. People take advantage as they know you are not here to follow up. I hope you can find a genuine person to help you rent it as 3 years is a long time

Just got a reply from where they say the following:

"We will be glad to advertise your property to our audience of expatriates in Ghana and to those in the process in relocating here, your property can be offered in our dedicated Real Estate website launched on February 2013.

Considering the location of your property and our staff strength, we are unable to offer our full range of services to many property owners such as you outside the traditional residential expat neighborhoods. We have an option of a paid listing for these properties.

This is a one-off fee of a $100 per property for property owners wishing to advertise with This fee is applicable to one property at a time. Multiple listings from same owner will attract $100 per property."

My questions are the following:

1. What are the 'traditional residential expat neighborhoods'(Had we know this before we would bought in these neighboorhoods)
2. Why would they charge me $ 100 to list the property on their website. Could this be the only money they charge or is it additional to thier regular fees.
3. Who has experience with while renting their property.

Thank u in advance.

The expat areas are Osu, Labone, Cantonments,  Airport Residential, East Legon so as they told you, your place is not the area most expats choose.
To be honest if you haven't seen the property for 3 years I think it would be worth taking a trip to Ghana to check on it and also set up the rental procedure yourself as it is so difficult to do it through a third party. My husband also thinks you might find an Asian family to take the property as there is a large community in Team.  Hope someone can advise you about accraexpat as I have never had dealings with them

Hkann thank you very much for your support!!! Ure advice and replies has been from tremendous help!!!
We bought the property 3 years ago but my ex-husband was there last year and we have a very trust worthy care taker who lives in the boys quarter and take very good care of teh house. Due to our busy schedules we cant'afford to fly to Ghana untill we found some one to rent the house. That is something we consider once we have a serious candidate.

Thank u aslo for the tip about the Asian community would you or your husband know how the get in contact with this community in Ghana. Do they have fb group, website or organistions I can reach out to?

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Hi Aymeric,
I sent you an email.

Hi There,
I found some one to rent our house. I want to make the rent agreement and I was wondering if any of you have a a copy for me that I can use as an example.
Thank u in advance.

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Hello there queen! I know the list about your rental property is old but I was wondering if you ever found a tenant? Hope to hear from you soon!

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i think you should try renting it out through air b and b.

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