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I'm looking for a language school for my daughter whose ages are 7 and 8 yo. We are planning to spend our summer holiday in USA. In addition I'm a medical doctor, breast radiologist. I may have a observer position in a hospital too. So we need a city which has good summer language school for kids as well as big hospital. I need some advice. Thank you...

Hello halemaydin :)

Where in the USA?

Kenjee Team

I'm planning to apply to Massachusetts General Hospital for May and June 2016.
I need the school advice from Boston, MA
Thank you for your inquiry

Google Boston School Districts. Depending on what language you are looking for then google that with Boston Schools, It is probably the easiest way.

Though you are also looking for summer schools which may not be available as US schools tend to end sometime in June and don't reopen until August with their summer school programs only available to students who were registered the previous school year.

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