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My girlfriend and I will be on the market for an apartment on the east side of Siming, Xiamen, by Fujian East Gate and Xiamen City Vocational College. I've read that one pretty much needs an agent to find a place (unless one has a really good network in the city). This seems right to me because we've had so much trouble finding online resources but maybe one of you can point us in the right direction. If indeed we do need to get a real estate agent to find the right apartment, do any of you have any recommendations? Which agents are trustworthy and reasonably priced? Do you have their contact info, or any idea how to get it?

Thanks so much for your time. Seriously this would be a huge help to us.
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I hope you will have infos about this matter from experienced members very soon.

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Arthur! How did your search go? My husband and I will be moving to Xiamen in October and will be looking for an apartment by December. Were you able to find and agent?  Did you just figure it out once you got to Xiamen? Hope everything worked out!


Quite straightforward finding a property agent in Xiamen, and outside most apartment areas there will be property agent offices.    The usual arrangement is that the property agent will charge one month's rent as their commission, which is split 50/50 between landlord and tenant.  Although it no doubt varies from agent to agent, the ones I've used have been trustworthy, and will help with the police registration (a requirement for foreigners), and any issues with the apartment or the landlord.  The only slight issue is that English is not so widely spoken among property agent staff, although most offices will, have at least one staff who has some level of English.

Guideline prices for a reasonably modern 80 sq. metre, 2 bedroom apartment in a good area are around RMB 3,500 / month on Xiamen island, or if off-island, such as neighbouring Jimei district, the same apartment would be around RMB 2,500, prices reducing the further one is from Xiamen island.    On top of that there is usually property management fees charged by the property management company for communal services and areas, typically around RMB 200 / month.

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Thanks Mark! Huge help!

expats in nanning, hi im looking to buy appartment (around 150.000 CH.CURRENCY)ANY HELP welcome. regards jeff from aus. ps. would want  place with security .

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